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S Scale Figures

S Scale Animals: Painted $ 6.00, Unpainted $ 3.50

Image81.jpg (37493 bytes) GALLOPING HORSE (no saddle)


Image82.jpg (40943 bytes) SADDLED HORSE Image83.jpg (42253 bytes) DRAW HORSE (for pulling wagons) Image84.jpg (38439 bytes) FIELD HORSE (Railmaster)
Image85.jpg (43442 bytes) FIELD HORSE (Railmaster)


Image86.jpg (43336 bytes) GRAZING HORSE (Railmaster) Image87.jpg (41883 bytes) SMALL DRAW HORSE Image88.jpg (38632 bytes) COW (KLM)
Image89.jpg (37404 bytes) CALF


Image90.jpg (37060 bytes) CALF Image91.jpg (35548 bytes) CALF Image92.jpg (46987 bytes) LONGHORN STEER
Image93.jpg (23596 bytes) LONGHORN CALF Image94.jpg (27459 bytes) RAM (KLM) Image95.jpg (33270 bytes) GRAZING SHEEP (KLM) Image96.jpg (42532 bytes) BUFFALO

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