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S Scale Figures

SC46-SC55: $ 6.00 painted, $ 3.50 unpainted

Image108.jpg (25585 bytes)   MAN ( arms folded ) Image109.jpg (31052 bytes) ELDERLY GENT Image110.jpg (29456 bytes) YOUNG VAGRANT Image111.jpg (31304 bytes) ELDERLY MONK
Image112.jpg (29382 bytes) STATELY LADY (carrying umbrella) Image113.jpg (24987 bytes) RIDER (can be used with SC03) Image114.jpg (31151 bytes) GENTLEMAN (wearing top hat) Image115.jpg (31636 bytes)  LADY (wearing evening dress)
Image116.jpg (29760 bytes) MERCHANT LADY (carrying bag) Image117.jpg (23393 bytes) OFFICE LADY    

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Last Updated May 2012