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S Scale Figures

SC31-SC45: $ 6.00 painted, $ 3.50 unpainted

Image93.jpg (31246 bytes) WORKER (in coat, hands in air) Image94.jpg (40849 bytes) MAN (wearing flowing coat) Image95.jpg (34803 bytes) MAN (with newspaper) Image96.jpg (28010 bytes) YOUNG GIRL (with doll)
Image97.jpg (28867 bytes) YOUNG WOMAN (in miniskirt) Image98.jpg (31695 bytes) WOMAN (holding pitcher) Image99.jpg (30873 bytes) WOMAN (wearing bloomers) Image100.jpg (29825 bytes) WOMAN (holding cup)
Image101.jpg (27042 bytes) YOUNG WOMAN (head tilted) Image102.jpg (28669 bytes) YOUNG MEXICAN BOY Image103.jpg (31829 bytes) YOUNG LADY (with umbrella) Image104.jpg (33094 bytes) LADY (with suitcase)
Image105.jpg (28512 bytes) GENTLEMAN Image106.jpg (30410 bytes) ELDERLY MERCHANT LADY Image107.jpg (27322 bytes) YOUNG LADY (standing, reading book)  

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