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S Scale Figures

SC16-SC30: $ 6.00 painted, $ 3.50 unpainted

Image78.jpg (30264 bytes) MAN (fist in air) Image79.jpg (34433 bytes) MAN (with staff & briefcase) Image80.jpg (30906 bytes) MAN (holding goblet) Image81.jpg (35149 bytes) YOUNG MAN (wearing long coat)
Image82.jpg (30162 bytes) YOUNG WOMAN (formal dress) Image83.jpg (27640 bytes) YOUNG MAN (arm in air) Image84.jpg (28978 bytes) WOMAN (wearing long dres ) Image85.jpg (23489 bytes) YOUNG WOMAN (tight dress)
SC24.jpg (31957 bytes) YOUNG MAN (wearing sui ) SC25.jpg (34639 bytes) MAN (worker, excited) Image88.jpg (30531 bytes) MAN (holding book in air) Image89.jpg (33705 bytes) YOUNG WOMAN (walking)
Image90.jpg (37690 bytes) MAN (with top hat) Image91.jpg (29757 bytes) MAN (with hand on hip) Image92.jpg (30358 bytes) WORKER (with hands in air)  

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