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S Scale Figures

ARTTISTA Metal Figures: SAA728-SAA739 
Pricing: $5.75 Painted / $3.50 Unpainted (exceptions noted)
Not all figures available unpainted. Arttista no longer supplies unpainted figures.

SAA728.jpg (26503 bytes) ENGINEER WALKING

SAA729.jpg (22723 bytes) ENGINEER CLIMBING

SAA730.jpg (27124 bytes) BRAKEMAN STOOPING

SAA731.jpg (22523 bytes) BRAKEMAN HOLDING ON

SAA732.jpg (25163 bytes) MAN W/CLIPBOARD

SAA733.jpg (27571 bytes) STANDING SAILOR

SAA734.jpg (26641 bytes) KISSING COUPLE    $10.00 ptd/6.00 unptd

SAA735.jpg (19937 bytes) STANDING WOMAN

SAA736.jpg (24711 bytes) PAINTED LADY SAA737.jpg (32119 bytes) MAN PUSHING LAWNMOWER 

 $7.75 ptd/$4.00

SAA738.jpg (26020 bytes) SITTING WOMAN SAA739.jpg (28661 bytes) SITTING MAN

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Updated May 2012