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S Scale Figures

ARTTISTA Metal Figures: SAA716-SAA726 
Pricing: $5.75Painted / $3.5 Unpainted (exceptions noted)
Not all figures available unpainted. Arttista no longer supplies unpainted figures.

Image119.jpg (24165 bytes)   MAN WITH SLEDGE HAMMER  $ 5.99 ptd

Image120.jpg (29212 bytes)   MAN WITH SHOVEL        $ 5.99 ptd

Image121.jpg (30504 bytes)   MAN WITH PRY BAR   $ 5.99 ptd

Image122.jpg (31510 bytes)   MAN CARRYING BOX   $ 5.99 ptd

Image123.jpg (28670 bytes)   MAN WITH APRON

Image124.jpg (30686 bytes) STANDING POLICEMAN

Image125.jpg (32408 bytes) BRAKEMAN RIDING

Image126.jpg (30219 bytes) TELEPHONE LINEMAN

Image127.jpg (27380 bytes) WOMAN WITH LAUNDRY

Image128.jpg (29040 bytes) WOMAN SWEEPING

Image129.jpg (29780 bytes) BUSINESSMAN WALKING


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