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S Scale Figures

ARTTISTA Metal Figures: SAA701-SAA715 
Pricing: $5.75 Painted / $3.50 Unpainted (exceptions noted)
Not all figures available unpainted. Arttista no longer supplies unpainted figures.

Image104.jpg (32859 bytes) ENGINEER

Image105.jpg (26529 bytes) FIREMAN

Image106.jpg (34118 bytes) STANDING MAN (hat and jacket)

Image107.jpg (28745 bytes) STANDING MAN

Image108.jpg (31543 bytes) FLAGMAN

Image109.jpg (24526 bytes) FISHING MAN

Image110.jpg (28562 bytes) MAN WITH LONG BRUSH  $5.99 ptd

Image111.jpg (28154 bytes) MAN HOLDING SUSPENDERS

Image112.jpg (31981 bytes) HITCHHIKING WOMAN Image113.jpg (26453 bytes) MODERN ENGINEER Image114.jpg (25297 bytes) MODERN FIREMAN Image115.jpg (27087 bytes) HOBO WITH BOTTLE

Image116.jpg (32990 bytes) HOBO WALKING

Image117.jpg (23035 bytes) HOBO LYING ON  LOG

Image118.jpg (29458 bytes) MAN WITH WRENCH   

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Last Updated May 2012