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BUILDERS IN SCALE: Now owned and produced by C. C. CROW
OBIS7608-7617 *some assembly required
$7.50 painted, $4.50 unpainted
SARAH (teenager)  YOUNG TERRY (w/turtle)  YOUNG FREDDY (w/frog) 1940's WORKMAN
SEATED MAN (shirtless) SEATED FOLKS (3)  $12/set unpainted

SEATED MAN OBIS7613a   (available painted only)  $7.50 


SEATED BOY OBIS7613b   (available painted only) $7.50

SEATED GIRL OBIS7613c  (available painted only)  $7.50

NANNA (older woman) MECHANIC (in jumpsuit) MARILYN (in dress)

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Last Updated May 2012