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Large Scale Figures
1/25 Scale Figures from Jimmy Flintstone: PRICING: $ 8.00 unpainted
( Custom Painting Available Upon Request )
Image39.jpg (24977 bytes)
Sitting Pageant Queen
Image40.jpg (27479 bytes)
Julie the "Hooter's" Girl
Image41.jpg (27384 bytes)
Officer Patty Patrol
Image42.jpg (26233 bytes)
Jackie the Carhop
Image43.jpg (27842 bytes)
Standing Hobo
Image44.jpg (29508 bytes)
Sitting Hobo
Image45.jpg (35533 bytes)
Burger King
Image46.jpg (32563 bytes)
Time Bandit
Image47.jpg (27089 bytes)
Lucky Luigi (in swim suit)
Image48.jpg (30365 bytes)
Uncle Hank
Image49.jpg (28907 bytes)
Low Rider Dude
Image50.jpg (26464 bytes)
Jenny, Santa's Helper 
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Last Updated May 2012